Decorative Wall Panels Product Range

3D Profiles Range – Stonini

Delta Wall Panels – Stonini

Wood Textures Range – Stonini

Wood Textures Range – Stonini

Custom Work – Stonini

Diverse Range of Decorative Wall Panels

There are four ranges of Stonini™ each offering their own unique characteristics and decorative qualities instilling any space with a natural, earthy and timeless look.

Stonini™ 3D Profiles Range

Available in a variety of striking colours and with options for customisation you can produce any visual and textured effect you desire.

There is also a unique choice of either bluestone or mica surface applications to enhance the reflective quality of the panels.

Stonini™ Delta Range

No erosion. No cracking. No deterioration.

This smooth and flat-surfaced range has a natural stone-like look which emulates your conventional, inflexible and heavy stones such as marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone and granite.

Colouration and patterning are hand manipulated, and can be subtle or pronounced, making each panel individually unique.

Stonini™ Wood Textures

Looks like wood. Feels like wood. But it isn’t wood.

You can have the organic texture and natural beauty of wood but with the many functional and practical advantages of Stonini™ including:

  • Termite, insect and mould resistance
  • Waterproof and non-absorbent
  • Will not warp, bow or expand in heat
  • Unlimited colour options
  • Custom textures and grains

Stonini™ Concrete Effects

Do you love the industrial concrete look?

Our beautiful panels emulate the aesthetic and textural qualities of concrete without the weight, inflexibility, or onsite logistical problems of actual concrete. Smooth surfaced or textured with a flat or gentle shine finish – the choice is yours.

No cracking. No expanding. No mess.

Stonini™ Installation Video

Stonini Installation Video


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