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Stonini Wall Panels Environmental Statement


At Stonini™ we are conscious of the need to care for our environment. When we were developing Stonini™ wall panels we evaluated many factors to ensure our product would have minimal environmental impact.

Stonini™ wall panels and tiles are:

  • Made from ecologically-safe materials
  • Non-polluting
  • Non-petroleum based
  • Handcrafted and air dried for minimal energy embodiment


Raw Materials

The ingredients of Stonini™ are 99% derived from naturally formed substances.

  • Raw materials are sourced from companies that promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability practices.
  • Packaging for raw materials is 100% recyclable and is dually disposed of for recycling to occur.
  • Raw materials are ordered in larger economically packaged quantities to reduce packaging and freight.
  • No hazardous materials are involved in the manufacture of Stonini™.


Manufacturing Process

The Stonini™ manufacturing process is designed to minimise waste.

  • All ingredients are measured and mixed precisely to produce the desired amount of product.
  • Moulds and pouring devices are designed to eliminate spillage.
  • Water used for cleaning mixing containers, tools and moulds is recycled. First rinses are done in pre-used water and final rinses in clean water. When water has reached saturation it is collected by an accredited waste recycling company.
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or odour emissions are created in the production of Stonini™.
  • Glass reinforcement is not catalysed.
  • Stonini™ panels and tiles are sized to minimise cutting and associated air-borne particles. Stonini™ also offers a cutting service in a controlled environment where potential airborne particles are captured.
  • The panels are sized to minimise waste. Our in-house offcuts are used as marketing samples.
  • Stonini™ panels and tiles dry naturally indoors at room temperature; no energy is expended on heating or cooling.


End Product Use and Recycling

  • Stonini™ panels and tiles can be repainted. This feature enables a change to the aesthetics of the product that may prolong usage and thereby reduce waste.
  • Stonini™ panels and tiles are suitable for safe landfill disposal and for controlled burning disposal.

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