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Pitted Concrete Panels in Confident New Colourways

Stonini Concrete Effects Pitted in Lava lava


While interior designers’ love of concrete has not diminished, they are now looking to soften the industrial look. So Stonini is offering its Pitted Concrete panels in five colourways plus basic concrete.

Bauhaus is an earthy green and an ideal background for contrasting oranges and wood tones. Lava lava is a spicy autumnal hue that can look fresh all year round. Domino is approaching black and again provides a wonderful complement to a confident palette.

The two “safer” colourways are Ivory and Half-stonewashed. These shades will help capitalise on natural light. Half-stonewashed is a spin on classic white, while Ivory adds a bit of sunshine to the white palette.

Like all decorative wall panels from Stonini, Pitted Concrete panels are lightweight, handcrafted, eco friendly and non-combustible. Plus, installation is simple. Panels can be cut to size with a panel saw with a tungsten blade and are affixed with a good industrial adhesive.

Contact us today for samples of the new shades of Pitted Concrete.


Pitted Concrete colourways: Lava lava, Bauhaus, Domino, Half-stonewashed, Ivory and Concrete

Pitted Concrete colourways: Lava lava, Bauhaus, Domino, Half-stonewashed, Ivory and Concrete


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Unique Stonini Tile at PwC Barangaroo

When PwC moved into the world-class business precinct at Barangaroo, the professional services firm wanted an environment that encouraged collaboration and creativity. Gavin Harris, Design Director at Futurespace, worked with Stonini to create such a space.

Everyone arrives at PwC on Level 17, where the lift doors open onto a naturally-lit lobby lined with unique Stonini tiles. The tiles are shaped alike but some are concave, some convex, some soft cement grey, others pale eucalypt green. The tiles are laid randomly to create shadow play, texture and movement.

Gavin drew the pattern for the tiles and, with Stonini, experimented with depth, scale, colouration and layout. Once he was satisfied with the shape and size, Stonini created and laid 7500 of the tiles in the PwC lobby and food and beverage areas.

“It was a team effort working with the idea of pattern and form,” said Gavin.

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