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New Pitted Concrete Effects Panels On Trend For 2017

Pitted Concrete Effects Panels


In the spirit of a digital detox, designers are embracing imperfection and so we’ve added Pitted to the Stonini Concrete Effects Range.

Decorative pitted concrete panels are deliberately crafted to have tiny cavities appear on the surface, similar to the pitting that occurs in concrete castings.

Like all our decorative wall panels, Pitted panels are lightweight, handcrafted, eco friendly and non-combustible. Plus, installation is simple. Panels can be cut to size with a panel saw with a tungsten blade and are affixed with a good industrial adhesive.

Stonini Concrete Effects panels complement the trending colours for 2017: terracottas, muted saffrons and botanical greens.


New Pitted Concrete Effects Panels On Trend For 2017

Compiling interior design sample boards with Stonini Concrete Effects panels

Contact us today for a sample of Pitted, the latest addition to the Stonini Concrete Effects range.

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Tribal Design Custom Stonini For Luxury Png Hotel

Tribal Design Custom Stonini

Custom Stonini panels grace the foyer of The Stanley in Port Moresby


Papua New Guinea is a relatively unknown but fast-developing country. In September PNG celebrated the opening of The Stanley, an 18-storey 5-star hotel in central Port Moresby.

Sydney-based Boss Design International was responsible for the interior design of the luxury project. Director, Wooin Kang, commissioned Stonini to fabricate custom panels with a tribal design for the impressive lobby.

Boss Design is “focused on bringing together the strengths of traditional and contemporary approaches” and the striking foyer space with its rain tree columns, cascading lights and tribal frieze exemplify this ethos.

Wooin Kang says, “The lobby is the impression of the life rooted in the soil of PNG,”


Tribal Design Custom Stonini For Luxury Png Hotel

Custom Stonini panels feature in the majestic lobby of The Stanley, PNG’s luxury 5-star hotel

Stonini is a versatile compound suited to interior and exterior applications. Select from our diverse ranges: 3D Profiles, Delta,Wood Textures, and Concrete Effects or talk to us today about creating a custom panel for your next project.

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