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Translating Designs to Versatile Stonini Panels

Stella is one of the latest designs in the Stonini™ 3D Profiles range. Stella was produced for the redevelopment of Stockland Baldivis on the outskirts of Perth. The design is a translation of the Bungle Bungles architectural screen from sister-company Chiaro Screens; the positive spaces are seen in relief in the panel design.

Stonini™ is a versatile compound that was developed to create lightweight decorative panels for interior and exterior design projects. Stonini™ panels are hand manipulated in the production process giving the panels a unique crafted appeal.


Stonini stella 3D profile panel from design to panel

Stella panels from the Stonini 3D Profiles range in the redeveloped Stockland Baldivis. Left and centre: The Chiaro Screen which formed the basis of the design and Stella panel detail.

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Arcare and Stonini: Changing the Face of Aged Care

The Arcare Aged Care philosophy is to celebrate longevity by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of its residents. Accordingly, Arcare properties look more like 5-star accommodations than your standard aged care facilities.

In this project, Cabana wall panels from the Stonini™ 3D Profiles range add warmth and texture to the corridors and common rooms. Stonini™ wall panels are durable, low maintenance, waterproof, and non-combustible making them ideal for high traffic areas.

The lightweight nature of Stonini™ (approx panel weight 14kg) means the panels are equally suitable for walls and ceilings. For wall applications panels are affixed with an industrial epoxy; for ceiling applications, some mechanical fixing provides added assurance.


Stonini cabana 3d profile and concrete effects panels arcare aged care

Left and centre: Stonini™ panels with Class 1 fire rating surround the media screen and gas fire at this Arcare Aged Care facility. The panels also add warmth and texture to the corridors.

Right: Cabana panels from the 3D Profiles range are applied to the recessed and illuminated ceiling.
Clever use of Industrial Concrete Effects panels at reception.

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Stonini Adds Pizzazz to Retail Spaces

Stonini™ panels are a low cost, low fuss option for adding flair to retail spaces. The versatile decorative panels can be used for walls, counters and displays. For ease of installation, Stonini™ can be applied to MDF, Gyprock, cement render, block wall, knot-free CD plywood, FC sheet and studs.

Stonini™ can be cut on site with a panel saw fitted with a tungsten blade and is affixed with a good industrial epoxy. The simplicity of installation makes Stonini™ an ideal medium for retail spaces with scheduling for shop fitouts often being extremely tight.


Stonini decorative wall panels retail fitouts counters and display backdrops

Stonini™ at Westfield Miranda: Popular Aurora from the 3D Profile range applied to counters, walls and display areas at Fresh Soul and Vogue Clothing boutiques. Delta Crème Brulee at Lovisa, combining the aesthetic of stone with the convenience of Stonini™.

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Urban Resort Gets Five-star Fitout

Fairfield RSL has been described as an “urban resort”. Located 45 minutes south west of Sydney’s CBD, the property houses a boutique, six restaurants, a ballroom and other entertainment venues. Fairfield RSL has undergone a five-star fitout and Altis Architecture has added texture and form to exterior and interior walls with Calypso 3D wall panels. The architects chose a custom colour in keeping with the venue’s earthy palette.

Stonini™ decorative wall panels are waterproof, non-combustible, mould resistant, UV resistant, durable, and low maintenance, making them ideal for high traffic areas both inside and out. With the colour being mixed within the ingredients any chipping or damage that does occur, will be less visible than on surface-coloured or painted panels.


Stonini Calypso 3D Profile courtyard wall Fairfield RSL

Stonini™ Calypso wall panels from the 3D Profile range add texture and style to exterior and interior walls at the Fairfield RSL.

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